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Advanced Hearing Aids & Audiology offers:

  • No obligation hearing evaluation and consultation
  • Repair and service on all brands
  • 30-day trial period
  • 18 months, no interest on approved credit

Hearing Loss Indicators:

  • You favor one ear over the other
  • You have been told that the TV is too loud
  • You have difficulty following conversations in groups and noisy places
  • You ask people to repeat themselves, especially women and young children
  • Hearing from a distance is more trouble than it used to be, such as in a church or theater
  • Family and friends have commented on your ability to hear

What You Should Know About Hearing Loss:

  • Hearing loss develops later in life, comes on slowly, is permanent and often gets gradually worse
  • Most of these losses can be helped effectively by individually selected, prescribed and fitted hearing aids
  • Some adults can have their hearing corrected by an ENT or surgeon, so it is important to have an evaluation to make this determination

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