Our office provides testing and treatment methods for allergic rhinitis (hay fever). Testing methods include: RAST, skin prick, and multiquantitative. The form of testing will be determined by your provider.

RAST testing

These tests are performed on blood samples that are taken at the time of your appointment. When the laboratory receives the blood, the amount of IgE proteins are counted for each allergen. It may take 10 to 14 days to receive the results. There are no medication restrictions with this type of testing, and it is tolerated well with pediatric patients.

Multiquantitative Testing

This test is performed by the antigen of potential allergens being placed onto the forearm with moderate pressure and a gentle rocking motion both from side to side and from forward to backward. On the basis of whether the prick test is negative, a single intradermal test is then placed on the upper outer arm. The results will be known immediately following. When scheduling this test, please inform our staff of all medications you are currently taking due to certain restrictions.

Environmental controls and avoiding allergens is the first essential step of treating your allergies. Once all necessary measures are taken and prescription medications have failed to relieve your symptoms, you may be a candidate for immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy, or allergy shots, are given on a weekly basis for 3-5 years. The shots can be administered at either of our locations or your primary care physician. No patients will be allowed to self-administer their injections.

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